Friday, December 01, 2006

Rockin and Rollin

I promise to write my Spain blog soon, hopefully I’ll have it up after finals, it’s just to much to write right now. The ship has been pitching and rolling since we left Spain. Early yesterday we had somewhat of a break but it started up again last night. Even with our drawers duct taped they’re still opening and slamming. Every time we stand up it feels like we’re going to fall over. We’ve learned to be very patient doing things like opening doors, you have to wait for the ship to tip the right way so that you can do it.
As you can imagine with the seas like this it made for an interesting Ambassadors Ball. It was a lot of fun anyways though. The theme was a night in Bollywood so everything was decked out in bright colors and Indian motif. The chef even made a chocolate Taj Mahal sculpture. It was amazing. Way back in India I bought a Sari to wear for the ball (a sari is a traditional Indian outfit, which is basically a long piece of cloth that you wrap around yourself). I barely made it through dinner before I had to take it off. I don’t know how the Indian women do it, it was so uncomfortable. I ended up changing into the dress I got made in Vietnam.
Dinner was a big deal with assigned tables and a 4 course meal. For appetizers we got a choice of Shrimp Cocktail or a vegetable pastry, I got the latter, it was delicious. Then there was tomato basil soup, salad, and for dinner we had 4 choices, eggplant parmesan, salmon, chicken marsala, or filet mignon. I got the chicken. It was amazing, the best chicken I’ve had in 3 months.
After dinner (I was at the first seating) we all went to get our picture taken with the captain then sat and watched a voyage slideshow and some performances in the Piano lounge for awhile. After the second seating was done with their dinner we all went up to the seventh deck for a champagne toast. Me and Chelsea were really disappointed when we found out they didn’t have anymore of the promised sparkling cider. I hate champagne. I held it, toasted it, took a small sip, then gave the rest to Erin.
I think the desert bar was the best display of the night. I can definitely say it looked better than it tasted. Some of the things we good but a lot of the cakes were dry or tasted funny.
I was honestly really disappointed with the dance. The theme was a night in Bollywood so you would expect to have some Indian music playing. No it was all of the typical grinding music. I’m actually pretty sure it was the same mix they played at our party for winning the sea Olympic a couple weeks ago.

Today was our final global studies exam. I’m so happy it’s finally over. I hated that class so much, it was so worthless. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like another semester, with another teacher, or even under Pitt instead of UVA. UVA has such a chokehold on everything now. I love that most the teachers don’t care about it either. The only class I’ve ever had to write the honor code out for was Global studies.
So we have 4 more days of school stuff left. I can’t believe it. This whole semester went by so quickly. I’ll definitely miss it when it’s over but I’m excited to go home. Stay tuned for more entries soon to come.


At 11:37 PM, Blogger Megan Jane said...

I was just reading your blog and I went on SAS last semester under Pitt and yes global was HORRIBLE! We sat in the piano lounge and slept through every class then we would have HUGE study parties in class room #5 I have no idea to this day how I passed the class. It was just as pointless as yours. We fondly refered to it as 5th grade geology. I saw your journey was almost over. I hope it was amazing.


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